List of Branch Banking And Trust Company (BB&T) Branch Offices in Rockingham. Find Branch Location and Address for BB&T in Rockingham

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Branch Banking And Trust Company (BB&T) is one of the oldest and largest banks in USA. You can search for the branches of BB&T using our branch locator tool. You can find BB&T branch address, phone number and other contact information in a particular City, ZIP Code, County or State.

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BB&T - Grottoes BranchBank Address: 200 Augusta Avenue
City (County): Grottoes (Rockingham)
State: Virginia (VA)
Zip Code: 24441
Bank Unique Number: 253939
BB&T - Elkton BranchBank Address: 250 South Stuart Avenue
City (County): Elkton (Rockingham)
State: Virginia (VA)
Zip Code: 22827
Bank Unique Number: 208819
BB&T - Dayton BranchBank Address: 230 Main Street
City (County): Dayton (Rockingham)
State: Virginia (VA)
Zip Code: 22821
Bank Unique Number: 208816
BB&T - Broadway Va BranchBank Address: 153 North Main Street
City (County): Broadway (Rockingham)
State: Virginia (VA)
Zip Code: 22815
Bank Unique Number: 4587
BB&T - Bridgewater BranchBank Address: 111 North Main Street
City (County): Bridgewater (Rockingham)
State: Virginia (VA)
Zip Code: 22812
Bank Unique Number: 4141
BB&T - Sunnyside BranchBank Address: 1130 Highlands Place #430
City (County): Harrisonburg (Rockingham)
State: Virginia (VA)
Zip Code: 22801
Bank Unique Number: 253943
BB&T - Timberville BranchBank Address: 14104 Timber Way
City (County): Timberville (Rockingham)
State: Virginia (VA)
Zip Code: 22853
Bank Unique Number: 253942
BB&T - Reidsville Main BranchBank Address: 609 South Main Street
City (County): Reidsville (Rockingham)
State: North Carolina (NC)
Zip Code: 27320
Bank Unique Number: 40862
BB&T - Madison-Mayodan Main BranchBank Address: 1109 Highway Street
City (County): Madison (Rockingham)
State: North Carolina (NC)
Zip Code: 27025
Bank Unique Number: 205385
BB&T - Eden Meadow Greens Main BranchBank Address: 680 South Van Buren Road
City (County): Eden (Rockingham)
State: North Carolina (NC)
Zip Code: 27288
Bank Unique Number: 205362
BB&T - Rockingham Road BranchBank Address: 920 Rockingham Road
City (County): Rockingham (Richmond)
State: North Carolina (NC)
Zip Code: 28379
Bank Unique Number: 237322
BB&T - South Lee Street BranchBank Address: 116 South Lee Street
City (County): Rockingham (Richmond)
State: North Carolina (NC)
Zip Code: 28379
Bank Unique Number: 237324